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Providing Technical Services to you or your business. With over 20 years of Webmaster experience, you are in great hands with B Moore Solutions.  We provide you with a quality Content Management System built on Open Source Software driven by committed communities of developers. We do not spend hours coding, we focus on the most important things like:

We are open to work with you at your comfort level. We encourage clients to Register the domain name themselves and get the SSL Certificate on the same account. This ensures they have control over their domain and DNS and the responsibility to take care of the annual renewals.  We also enable the clients access to login and maintain or upload new content to their website. Again, this is up to your comfort level. Some clients prefer to leave everything to us and leave out the details. 

Our mission is to be open and honest about our services and the work we do. 


Additionally, we can provide System Administration services to assist you with setting up and managing your web or mail servers either On-Premise or in the "Cloud'. 


“B Moore Solutions is the gateway to getting your products and services in front of your target audience. We can assist you with everything from Digital Marketing Strategies to Search Engine Optimization.”
Joshua Moore, CEO, B Moore Productions

Things no one will talk to you about (Except us)

Scams - That's right, no one prepared you for this, but as soon as you start a business, the "bad guys" will come crawling out from everywhere in an effort to get a "piece of the pie".


Once your business is officially registered through your local courthouse, you are input into a database. This database is publicly available and used by all of the worst people out there to paint a big target on your back. 

You can expect to receive calls, emails and even letters in the mail that are designed to TRICK you.  They may confuse you, or even look like a legitimate service that you actually utilize or need.

One of the most common ones we see (almost weekly) is the DOMAIN NAME registration scam.

Here is a summary of what this is and what to look out for.

You receive a letter in the mail that looks legit. It has your name and address and companies domain name all filled out in a form and ready for you to sign and submit payment. However, if you ARE AWARE of this scam, you will take a second and remember (or look at your invoice) that you did not use this company to register your domain name. You may also remember that you only paid $12.99 per year for your domain, and here, they are charging a ridiculous amount like $150.00 per year.




Consulting. We discuss your goal and ways to reach it.



Implement a solution. We do our part to get you to the finish line.



See the results. Your phone or inbox will be on fire with so many requests.

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B Moore is dedicated to helping your small business.

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